ChatGPT Prompts Template

Do you frequently encounter writer’s block? The ChatGPT Prompts Template is here to ignite your creativity. By providing thought-provoking cues and suggestions, these templates serve as a constant wellspring of ideas. The prompts cover a wide spectrum of topics, ensuring you’re never short of inspiration.

Here’s a concise list of areas where these prompts can prove invaluable:

Creative Writing:

Prompt Template: “Imagine a world where [scenario], and describe a moment when [character] discovers [event].”


Prompt Template: “Provide step-by-step instructions on how to [task], highlighting potential challenges and solutions.”

Learning Assistance:

Prompt Template: “Explain the concept of [topic] in simple terms, covering its key components such as [aspect].”

Idea Generation:

Prompt Template: “Generate five unique ideas for [project], incorporating elements like [element] and [element].”

Opinion and Debate:

Prompt Template: “Present arguments for and against [issue], weighing its pros and cons from various perspectives.”

Character Development:

Prompt Template: “Develop a character profile for [character], delving into their background, personality, and motivations.”

Scenario Simulation:

Prompt Template: “Put yourself in the shoes of [role], reacting to a challenging situation where [context].”

Samples usage of templates

Here are samples showcasing the application of each template:

Creative Writing:

Prompt: “Imagine a world where technology controls the weather, and describe a moment when a reclusive artist discovers a way to paint with rainbows.”


Prompt: “Provide step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning home router, highlighting potential challenges like signal interference and providing effective solutions.”

Learning Assistance:

Prompt: “Explain the concept of photosynthesis in simple terms, covering its key components such as the role of chlorophyll and the conversion of light energy.”

Idea Generation:

Prompt: “Generate five unique ideas for a sustainable packaging project, incorporating elements like upcycled materials and minimalistic design.”

Opinion and Debate:

Prompt: “Present arguments for and against the implementation of a four-day workweek, weighing its potential benefits for work-life balance against concerns of productivity.”

Character Development:

Prompt: “Develop a character profile for Ava, a brilliant but socially anxious scientist. Explore her traumatic childhood, her fascination with robotics, and her journey to overcome personal obstacles.”

Scenario Simulation:

Prompt: “Put yourself in the shoes of a frontline healthcare worker during a pandemic, reacting to a shortage of medical supplies and an overwhelming number of patients seeking care.”

Incorporating these diverse prompt templates into your ChatGPT interactions will help you navigate through a wide range of conversational contexts effectively.

ChatGPT Prompt Template for Different Applications

Here’s a table listing the applications along with their corresponding prompt templates:

ApplicationPrompt Template
Creative Writing“Imagine a world where [scenario], and describe a moment when [character] discovers [event].”
Problem-Solving“Provide step-by-step instructions on how to [task], highlighting potential challenges and solutions.”
Learning Assistance“Explain the concept of [topic] in simple terms, covering its key components such as [aspect].”
Idea Generation“Generate five unique ideas for [project], incorporating elements like [element] and [element].”
Opinion and Debate“Present arguments for and against [issue], weighing its pros and cons from various perspectives.”
Character Development“Develop a character profile for [character], delving into their background, personality, and motivations.”
Scenario Simulation“Put yourself in the shoes of [role], reacting to a challenging situation where [context].”
Personal Reflection“Reflect on a time when you faced a difficult decision related to [topic]. Describe your thought process, emotions, and the ultimate choice you made.”
Language Learning“Compose a dialogue between two characters discussing [topic] in a foreign language you’re learning. Use vocabulary related to [aspect].”
Historical Analysis“Analyze the impact of [historical event] on society, focusing on its long-term consequences for [aspect].”
Scientific Hypothesis“Formulate a hypothesis regarding the effects of [variable] on [phenomenon], outlining your reasoning and potential outcomes.”
Futuristic Scenario“Envision a future where [technology] has transformed everyday life. Detail how people interact with this technology and its implications for society.”
Interview Preparation“Prepare responses for a job interview question: ‘Describe a challenging situation at work and how you successfully resolved it.’ Focus on [skills] and [result].”
Debunking Myths“Write an informative article debunking the myth that [myth]. Back up your explanations with factual evidence about [aspect].”
Moral Dilemmas“Present a moral dilemma involving [scenario]. Explore the ethical considerations, potential outcomes, and the decision you would make.”
Travel Itinerary“Create a travel itinerary for a week-long trip to [destination]. Include must-visit attractions, local cuisine, and suggestions for each day.”
Product Review“Write a review for a recently purchased [product], discussing its features, performance, and whether it met your expectations.”
Science Fiction Plot“Craft a science fiction plot involving [advanced technology] and its unintended consequences on [society]. Follow the journey of a protagonist facing these challenges.”
Health and Wellness Advice“Offer advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite a busy schedule. Include tips for incorporating quick workouts, nutritious meals, and relaxation techniques.”
Philosophical Exploration“Explore the concept of free will versus determinism, discussing the implications of each perspective on human behavior and society.”

Templates for different Professions

here’s a table listing prompt templates tailored for medical professionals, software developers, and marketing professionals.

ProfessionPrompt Template
Medical ProfessionalDiagnosis Assistance: “Analyze the symptoms presented by a patient with [condition] and suggest potential diagnoses, considering key indicators such as [symptom] and [symptom].”
Treatment Plan: “Create a comprehensive treatment plan for a patient with [condition], outlining medication, lifestyle changes, and follow-up recommendations.”
Patient Education: “Explain the importance of [medical procedure] to a patient, addressing their concerns and describing the step-by-step process.”
Medical Research: “Compose a research abstract detailing the findings of a study investigating the relationship between [factor] and the prevalence of [condition].”
Software DeveloperCode Debugging: “Review a code snippet that produces an error related to [issue]. Identify the problem and provide a corrected version.”
Algorithm Design: “Design an algorithm to efficiently sort a large dataset of numbers. Explain the logic behind your approach and its time complexity.”
Code Documentation: “Write comprehensive documentation for a function that performs [task], including its parameters, expected outputs, and usage examples.”
Technical Interview Question: “Present a challenging technical question often asked in interviews: ‘Implement a data structure to efficiently store and retrieve unique elements.’ Provide a solution and discuss its pros and cons.”
Marketing ProfessionalCampaign Strategy: “Develop a marketing campaign strategy for promoting a new [product/service]. Outline the target audience, messaging, channels, and expected outcomes.”
Market Analysis: “Conduct a market analysis for a specific industry, identifying trends, competitors, and potential areas for growth.”
Social Media Content: “Create a series of engaging social media posts to promote an upcoming event, incorporating visual elements and compelling captions.”
Brand Messaging: “Craft a brand message that encapsulates the core values and unique selling points of a company, resonating with the target audience.”

ProfessionPrompt Template
Legal ProfessionalCase Analysis: “Analyze the legal scenario involving [case details] and provide an overview of applicable laws, potential outcomes, and recommended actions.”
Contract Review: “Review a contract related to [contract type] and highlight potential legal issues, ambiguities, and suggestions for revision.”
Legal Opinion: “Provide a legal opinion on the matter of [issue], considering relevant statutes, precedents, and potential implications.”
EducatorLesson Plan: “Create a lesson plan for teaching [subject] to [grade level] students, including learning objectives, activities, and assessment methods.”
Homework Assignment: “Design a homework assignment that reinforces the concept of [topic], including a variety of practice questions and exercises.”
Learning Resource Recommendation: “Recommend a list of educational resources, such as books, articles, and online tools, to enhance understanding of [subject].”
Financial AdvisorRetirement Planning: “Develop a retirement savings plan for a client, considering their age, income, and financial goals. Include investment options and projections.”
Investment Recommendation: “Recommend an investment portfolio for a client based on their risk tolerance, financial situation, and investment objectives.”
Tax Planning Strategy: “Outline a tax-efficient strategy for a business owner to minimize their tax liability while staying compliant with tax regulations.”
PsychologistTherapeutic Approach: “Design a therapeutic approach for helping a client manage [mental health concern], outlining techniques, goals, and assessment methods.”
Cognitive-Behavioral Exercise: “Create a cognitive-behavioral exercise that challenges negative thought patterns related to [specific concern] and promotes healthier thinking.”
Stress Management Plan: “Develop a personalized stress management plan for an individual, incorporating relaxation techniques, coping strategies, and self-care practices.”
ArchitectBuilding Design Concept: “Propose a design concept for a [building type] that maximizes natural light and airflow while ensuring energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.”
Space Planning: “Create a space layout for a [room/function] that optimizes the use of available square footage, taking into account furniture arrangement and traffic flow.”
Sustainability Integration: “Integrate sustainable design elements into a [project type], addressing eco-friendly materials, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.”
Culinary ProfessionalMenu Creation: “Develop a menu for a [cuisine] restaurant, featuring a range of appetizers, main courses, and desserts that showcase unique flavors and ingredients.”
Recipe Enhancement: “Enhance a classic recipe for [dish] by incorporating modern culinary techniques and creative twists while preserving its traditional essence.”
Cooking Tutorial: “Write a step-by-step tutorial on preparing a [dish], providing detailed instructions, cooking tips, and visual aids.”

Prompts Templates for Interior Designer, Psychologists, Astronomer, Historian

Whether you’re an interior designer conceptualizing spaces, a psychologist developing therapeutic strategies, or an astronomer explaining celestial phenomena, these prompts offer a valuable framework for productive engagements with ChatGPT.

ProfessionPrompt Template
Interior DesignerConceptual Space Design: “Propose a creative design concept for a [room/space] that blends [design style] with functional elements for optimal use.”
Mood Board Creation: “Create a mood board that captures the essence of [theme] for an upcoming interior design project, combining colors, textures, and visuals.”
Sustainable Design Integration: “Incorporate sustainable design practices into the renovation of a [building/area], emphasizing eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions.”
PsychologistCoping Strategies Toolbox: “Compile a list of effective coping strategies for managing [specific concern], providing actionable techniques and explanations for each.”
Resilience-Building Exercise: “Design an exercise to enhance resilience in individuals facing [stressful situation], focusing on developing adaptive coping mechanisms.”
Positive Self-Affirmations: “Compose a set of empowering self-affirmations for clients working on boosting their self-esteem and mental well-being.”
AstronomerCelestial Phenomenon Explanation: “Explain the phenomenon of [celestial event] in simple terms, covering the underlying scientific principles and observable effects.”
Star Chart Interpretation: “Interpret a star chart showing the alignment of celestial bodies during a specific date and time, highlighting prominent constellations and planets.”
Space Exploration Proposal: “Develop a proposal outlining the objectives, technologies, and potential discoveries for an upcoming space exploration mission to [celestial body].”
Culinary ExpertFusion Cuisine Recipe: “Create a recipe that combines elements of [cuisine A] and [cuisine B], resulting in a delicious fusion dish that showcases the best of both worlds.”
Seasonal Ingredient Showcase: “Design a menu featuring dishes that highlight the unique flavors and uses of [seasonal ingredient], capturing its essence in various courses.”
Food Pairing Guide: “Produce a guide that suggests ideal beverage pairings for a variety of dishes, explaining how the flavors complement and enhance each other.”
Urban PlannerUrban Renewal Proposal: “Propose a comprehensive plan for revitalizing an urban area, addressing infrastructure upgrades, public spaces, and community engagement.”
Mobility Solutions Integration: “Integrate sustainable mobility solutions into the urban landscape of a growing city, promoting walkability, cycling, and efficient public transportation.”
Community Space Design: “Design a community gathering space that fosters social interaction and cultural exchange, incorporating elements that encourage inclusivity and creativity.”
HistorianHistorical Figure Monologue: “Write a monologue as if you were [historical figure], discussing their life’s achievements, challenges, and the broader impact on society.”
Primary Source Analysis: “Analyze a primary source document from [historical period], deciphering its context, significance, and potential biases.”
Counterfactual Historical Scenario: “Imagine an alternate historical scenario where [key event] unfolded differently, and speculate on the potential implications for subsequent history.”

ChatGPT Prompts Templates for Nutritionists, Economist, Archaeologists, Marine Biologists, Music Composers, Sports Coach

Whether you’re a nutritionist developing personalized meal plans, an economist analyzing market trends, or an archaeologist interpreting historical artifacts, these prompts offer a valuable starting point for effective interactions with ChatGPT.

ProfessionPrompt Template
NutritionistPersonalized Meal Plan: “Design a week-long meal plan for a client aiming to improve [health goal], ensuring nutritional balance and catering to dietary preferences.”
Nutritional Education Brochure: “Create an informative brochure explaining the importance of [nutrient] and its role in supporting overall health.”
Healthy Snack Ideas: “Compile a list of creative and nutritious snack ideas that can be enjoyed throughout the day to boost energy and satiety.”
EconomistEconomic Trend Analysis: “Analyze the recent economic trends in [industry/sector], considering factors such as [factor A] and [factor B], and predict potential outcomes.”
Policy Recommendation: “Develop a policy recommendation for addressing [economic issue], outlining steps to mitigate its impact and stimulate economic growth.”
Cost-Benefit Analysis: “Perform a cost-benefit analysis for a proposed infrastructure project, evaluating its potential benefits for the local economy against the associated costs.”
ArchaeologistArtifact Interpretation: “Interpret the significance of a recently discovered artifact from [historical period], discussing its possible use, cultural context, and implications for understanding the past.”
Site Excavation Plan: “Outline a plan for excavating an archaeological site known to contain remains from [ancient civilization], including methodologies, tools, and preservation techniques.”
Ancient Civilization Comparison: “Compare the cultural achievements and societal structures of [ancient civilization A] with those of [ancient civilization B], highlighting similarities and differences.”
Marine BiologistEcosystem Impact Study: “Conduct a study on the impact of [human activity] on a marine ecosystem, discussing the potential consequences for biodiversity and ecosystem health.”
Coral Reef Conservation Strategy: “Propose a comprehensive conservation strategy to protect and restore a coral reef ecosystem, addressing factors such as pollution and climate change.”
Marine Species Identification Guide: “Create a guide featuring illustrations and descriptions of local marine species, helping divers and enthusiasts identify and appreciate marine life.”
Music ComposerCinematic Score Composition: “Compose a cinematic musical score for a dramatic scene involving [emotional context], capturing the mood and enhancing the storytelling.”
Melody Creation Challenge: “Craft an original melody in [musical style] using a unique time signature, showcasing your creativity within the constraints.”
Harmonization Exercise: “Harmonize a given melody in four parts, utilizing [chord progression] and ensuring smooth voice leading and tonal balance.”
Environmental ScientistEcological Restoration Proposal: “Develop a proposal for restoring a degraded ecosystem, outlining strategies to reintroduce native species, control invasive ones, and enhance habitat quality.”
Air Quality Analysis: “Conduct an analysis of air quality in a specific urban area, assessing pollutants such as [pollutant A] and [pollutant B], and proposing mitigation measures.”
Climate Change Impact Assessment: “Evaluate the potential impacts of climate change on a specific region, considering factors such as rising sea levels, temperature changes, and shifts in precipitation patterns.”
Sports CoachAthletic Performance Training Plan: “Design a training plan to improve the [specific skill] of an athlete, incorporating drills, exercises, and progressive challenges.”
In-Game Strategy: “Develop a strategic game plan for an upcoming match against a competitive opponent, emphasizing strengths, exploiting weaknesses, and adjusting tactics as needed.”
Team Building Activity: “Create a team-building activity for athletes to enhance collaboration, communication, and trust among team members.”

Prompt templates for Content Creators

Content Creation TaskPrompt Template
Video Script CreationDevelop a script for a YouTube video discussing [topic], incorporating engaging anecdotes, visuals, and a call-to-action.
Blog Post OutlineOutline a blog post about [subject], including a captivating introduction, subheadings, key points, and a compelling conclusion.
Social Media Caption IdeasGenerate creative and attention-grabbing captions for social media posts highlighting [content], using relevant hashtags and emojis.
Podcast Episode IntroductionCompose an engaging introduction for a podcast episode on [theme], setting the tone and intriguing the audience.
Ebook Chapter SynopsisWrite a brief synopsis for a chapter of an upcoming ebook focusing on [aspect], summarizing key takeaways and highlights.
Infographic ConceptDesign an infographic illustrating the benefits of [concept], utilizing visuals, statistics, and concise explanations.
Interactive Content IdeaPropose an interactive content idea, such as a quiz, poll, or interactive map, to engage the audience and encourage participation.
Webinar Presentation OverviewProvide an overview of the content for an upcoming webinar on [topic], highlighting key discussion points and anticipated audience takeaways.
Email Newsletter TeaserCraft a teaser for an upcoming email newsletter, enticing subscribers with a sneak peek into the valuable content they can expect.
Case Study NarrationWrite a narrative-style case study showcasing how [product/service] helped a client overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results.
Guest Post PitchCompose a persuasive pitch to a relevant blog, proposing a guest post idea that aligns with their audience and offers unique insights.
Content Series ConceptDevelop a concept for a content series exploring different facets of [theme], outlining the structure and content for each installment.
Tutorial Video IdeaSuggest a tutorial video idea demonstrating step-by-step instructions for [task], ensuring clarity and addressing common challenges.
Interview Questions CompilationCompile a list of thought-provoking interview questions for an upcoming conversation with an industry expert on [topic].
Guest Expert CollaborationReach out to a guest expert in your field for collaboration, outlining the potential benefits and areas of expertise to be covered.


In conclusion, the world of conversational AI is enriched by the power of ChatGPT Prompt Templates.

By tailoring prompts to specific needs, users can unlock the full potential of ChatGPT’s capabilities, whether it’s for creative writing, problem-solving, specialized expertise, or exploring diverse topics.

From medical professionals diagnosing cases to historians analyzing artifacts, these templates provide a structured approach to harness the AI’s assistance.

With ChatGPT Prompt Templates, the possibilities for meaningful interactions and productive outcomes are boundless, making it an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to engage in dynamic conversations, gain insights, and achieve their goals with the assistance of advanced AI technology.

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