MidJourney Banned Words Workarounds

Midjourney is one of the fastest-growing AI image generator tool and is very popular with creative artists. Sometimes creative artists do need to generate so content and images that are for adults only. So there comes a time when you look for MidJourney banned words workarounds, as NSFW images and adult images generation are forbidden.

Here are some of the workarounds to try out for using banned words in AI image generation. It’s not assured that what you try may work as the midjourney algorithm is constantly updated.

Some workaround to Test

  • Try Synonyms or less explicit terms that can be used in the Prompts.
  • Try Pre-existing image libraries can serve as a starting point and do changes if allowed using prompts
  • Abstract representations using shapes, colors, or patterns can convey imagery without specific words.
  • Collaborate within the community or moderators who can provide suggestions following the midjourney guidelines.
  • Try Experimenting with image filters and effects, You can achieve desired visuals without explicit language but may take more time.

By adopting these workarounds, you can still use midjourney in a responsible and compliant manner, while still achieving your artistic or creative goals.

Be aware that suggested tips may not work or you may need to tweak them. if you do encounter new methods let us know in the comments.

Midjourney Alternatives for Banned Words

Here are some powerful alternatives to Midjourney for NSFW images

Stable Diffusion:

Popular among AI image generators, Stable Diffusion offers a wide range of capabilities. It’s great for creating gore-themed or blood-filled images. Use negative prompts to customize the results. It’s free to use!

UnStable Diffusion:

Don’t be fooled by the name; UnStable Diffusion is a legitimate AI tool. It’s associated with Stable Diffusion and offers 54 free credits for image generation. Consider purchasing credits if you use them for productive work. Remove pre-applied prompts for specific details.

Mage Space:

Mage.space is partially free, allowing unlimited image generation with Stable Diffusion v1.5. The free version doesn’t support negative prompts. For NSFW images, a paid subscription may be required..


Openjourney is a specialized Stable Diffusion model trained on Midjourney images, aiming to replicate their unique style. It was created by PromptHero.

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