Unsafe content found. please try again with different prompts: Stable Diffusion Banned Words

When working on Stable Diffusion for generating AI images sometimes you get the “Unsafe content found. please try again with different prompts” error message. We will see why we get this message and how to overcome it.

Why do you get the error ‘Unsafe Content Found’?

Generally, AI image generator tools have implemented some controls on what kind of prompts you can enter. As we all know Human imagination can run wild sometimes and may try to instruct AI tools like Stable diffusion to generate images that violate sanity and can be categorized as Adult, NSFW images.

Getting Unsafe content error during Python Programming

If you are getting this error during programming and calling stable diffusion models. try removing the safety filter. Follow this Reddit link.

Stable Diffusion Banned Words Workaround

Obviously as mentioned above stable diffusion also has some controls like midjourney banned words in prompts but sometimes it’s a requirement to generate these kinds of images. Refer to the list and avoid using those words.

The fixes which you can try when you get the Unsafe content found error are

1- Try using synonyms or sanitized versions of the words in your prompts

2- Check the library if there are any already existing images

3- Try using image filters on not NSFW or adult images to modify and get what you need for your requirement.

4- Use some alternate tools like UnStable Diffusion and Mage.space. Also can try manual editing.

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