AI Job Replacement Calculator: Plan Your Next Move

Sample Jobs

Data Entry ClerksTelemarketersCashiers
Manufacturing Line WorkersCustomer Service RepsBookkeeping and Accounting Clerks
Administrative AssistantsTravel AgentsWarehouse Workers

Understanding the AI Job Automation Risk Calculator:

The AI Job Automation Risk Calculator is a sophisticated tool that evaluates various job profiles and quantifies the degree to which they can be automated. This assessment is based on factors such as repetitive tasks, data processing requirements, and the complexity of decision-making. By analyzing these aspects, the tool assigns a risk score to each job profile, helping businesses identify roles that can be automated and those that require human intervention.

How to Use the Calculator

Just enter you job profile and description and click on the Analyze my Job button.

This tool will calculate the probability of the job being replaced by AI in future.

The calculation is based on the kind of tasks the user performs in his job role and it checks each tasks if it can be done by AI.

Key Benefits of using the AI job Risk Calculator:

  • Informed Decision-Making: With the AI Job Automation Risk Calculator, companies can make strategic decisions regarding workforce management.
  • Individuals can plan their next course of action in the world of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Resource Optimization: By automating roles with a high-risk score, companies can optimize resource allocation, redirecting human capital to areas that demand creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence, which are inherently human qualities that AI can’t replicate.

  • Cost-Efficiency: The tool aids in reducing labor costs by replacing routine tasks with automated processes. This can significantly impact the bottom line, especially in industries that rely heavily on repetitive operations.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Automation of mundane tasks liberates employees to focus on strategic initiatives that contribute directly to business growth. This leads to increased productivity and innovation within the organization.


The AI Job Replacement Calculator aids individuals and organizations in anticipating which job profiles might undergo automation, allowing them to strategize their next steps. This insight enables the allocation of resources towards reskilling initiatives.